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Let’s play a game!

Almost two weeks have passed since my last post, and I feel really bad about it. I didn’t mean to leave it this long, especially at a time when not much life is happening, and I mostly spend my evenings recovering from long, eventful working days. I’ve been carrying my work laptop back home more often than I should have, yet feeling a sense of smug satisfaction as I ticked important tasks off my list from the comfort of my own sofa. I’ve been thinking a lot, too: about what to write next, what I’ve written in the past, and what I haven’t quite written enough of. Personal, intimate thoughts have taken shape on my screen more than once, but out of fear of veering on cheesy or inappropriate, I deleted all of them, replacing them with more detached words that still failed to please me. I’d love to get to know all of you, my readers, but how can I expect you  to open up if I don’t make the first move?

As I recover from a hectic couple of weeks, I thought I’d take Jesse‘s cue, and give you a bit more insight on my life behind this blog. Jesse invited me to share 11 random facts about me, answer 11 questions she asked, and come up with 11 questions to challenge fellow bloggers to. I hope you have as much fun reading, as I had putting this list together for you.

11 random facts about me



  1. I moved to London exactly four years ago. My mum took the picture above before saying goodbye at the airport.
  2. I moved house three times in London, and still remember all my postcodes.
  3. I always travel London without a street map. I only got lost four times in four years, which I guess is a pretty good result!
  4. Throughout my life, I have lived and gone to school in two continents and five different countries.
  5. I’m an only child, and always wished I had an older brother or sister to learn from and look up to.
  6. My guilty pleasure film is Legally Blonde. I can’t abide chick flicks, but this one never gets old.
  7. Before moving in with my partner, I lived in shared houses for seven years. The screencap below sums up my experience quite well.Blade Runner
  8. Speaking of Blade Runner, it’s one of my all-time favourite films, although sci-fi movies and books generally leave me cold.
  9. I’m scared of big dogs. If I see one on the street, I cross the road, whether or not it’s on a leash.
  10. On the other hand, I can’t help wanting to pet every single cat I meet on the street. I’m a crazy cat lady like that.
  11. As a kid, I used to be part of a choir and play the piano. If you heard me now, you’d never guess it.

11 answers for you


1. What’s the last film you recommended to a friend?

The Royal Tenenbaums. If you watched it, you’ll know why. If you haven’t, why are you not watching it right now?

The Royal Tenenbaums

2. You can only save three things from your house on fire, which are they?

My records, my camera, and a box full of all my kitchen accessories. That counts as one thing, right?

3. What has been your biggest challenge this year?

Moving on from my old job, finding a new job, and remaining sane in the process.

4. If you could own a studio anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I wouldn’t want to live in a studio. It’s too small a space to not feel trapped, whether you’re alone, or living with someone who needs the same privacy and room to breathe as you do.

5. What was your childhood’s favourite book and why?

My favourite childhood reads were mostly comics. Strips from Asterix and the Peanuts had me roll on the floor laughing; I could read them over and over again without ever tiring of their stories and jokes.

Asterix strip

6. How has the way you dress evolved these last few years?

Baggy jeans, hoodies and trainers have been my best friends until my early twenties, and if you’d told me that one day I would switch to skinny trousers and ballet pumps, I’d have laughed at you. All in all, I’m way more girly than I once was, although I’d like to have the confidence and budget to completely overhaul my wardrobe, replacing the last few rags from my teenage wardrobe with more stylish, flattering frocks. That’s insecurity speaking, though: by the time I get to the last question, I’ll be back to my usual, carefree “I-have-no-dress-sense-and-I-don’t-care” attitude!

7. Do you have a role model? Fictional or otherwise.

I’ve never seen anyone that way.

8. You’re invited to a Hollywood dinner, who do you sit next to? (must be alive)

To the cost of being repetitive (see question 1), Wes Anderson must be an interesting guy to have a chat with. Plus, I wouldn’t miss the chance to tell him how bewitched his latest film left me.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

9. What’s the best piece of advice someone gave you?

“Surround yourself with simple, genuine, hardworking people like you. You don’t need to worry about anyone else”.

Those are my grandmother’s words, and I choose to read one simple truth in them: that the opinion of anyone who is not prepared to accept and appreciate me with an open mind is simply not worth fretting about. Every time I feel the need to fake or hide something to live up to other people’s expectations, I stop and remember that. It works.

10. Which of your parents do you resemble most?

Some say I look like my mum, but I never believed it: I’ve always admired her graceful, small frame, and wished I had it too. I did inherit her youthful looks, but my chubby build is definitely my dad’s. Accepting my body the way it is, and balancing my love of food with the need to stay healthy, were two of the hardest struggles I had to deal with in the past.

Personality wise, I’m lucky to have been raised by honest, hardworking, intelligent people.They inspired me to be curious, read a lot and travel the world. Some girls exchange clothes with their mothers, and argue about curfew with their fathers; I exchange photography tips with my mum, and argue with my dad when he spoils the endings of the novels he snatches from my bedside table. On the downside, I share my mum’s overwhelming anxiety and my dad’s short temper; two negatives I mostly keep under control, but sometimes still let loose on very bad days.

11. What’s the biggest wish you have for yourself right now?

I wish for the peace I felt in the last six months to be long-lasting, rather than just another fleeting source of comfort on the way to the next spectacular fall.


And now…it’s your turn!

  1. What three foods would you bring to a desert island?
  2. What song or book quote represents you the most?
  3. What’s the worst film you ever watched?
  4. You’re really, really drunk in a karaoke bar. Which song are you singing?
  5. How did you meet your best friend?
  6. You’re allowed to only see one band or artist play live for the rest of your life. Who do you pick?
  7. What was the most exciting thing that happened to you this year?
  8. If you could choose to study one language until you completely master it, which one would it be?
  9. What was the scariest thing that ever happened to you?
  10. How did your parents choose your name?
  11. What’s the food you most enjoy sharing with your loved ones? (here’s one of mine)

I’d love to see what Emma, Honey, Alex, Nazia and Angela come up with, but in fact, I nominate all of you bloggers who stumble across this post. If you took the time to read this far, I want to know something more about you, too. Don’t forget to send me a link to your answers, so I can check them out. And keep your eyes peeled for my next post: I have a quite cool one planned to celebrate my little London anniversary. Hope to see you all back here in a few days!




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