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More cinnamon buns: a review of Nordic Bakery’s Marylebone cafe

By contrast with Fabrique, and its maiden cafe hidden away in Hoxton, Nordic Bakery was always in plain sight: the only thing I ever cared to look at in Soho’s Golden Square, with curious, eager eyes, like a cat waiting to be fed. If the million paths to the world’s most wonderful foods all cross … Continue reading

Pop-up review: Iraqi brunch at JUMA Kitchen

I’d travel anywhere for a good babka. Anywhere my Oyster card can take me, for a start. Perhaps even further – I’ll take any opportunity to go back to New York City, where I tried it for the first time (at Breads Bakery, no less). Eastern Europe and the Middle East, where different versions of … Continue reading

Love cinnamon buns? Fabrique Bakery has got you covered

Up until last year, Fabrique Bakery was a single location cafe in the backstreets of Hoxton, the only one the Scandinavian chain had opened outside of Sweden. Visiting it, and trying its much hyped cinnamon buns, used to require some serious willpower, unless you lived within easy reach of that particular corner of East London. … Continue reading

Cafe review: Rawligion, Fitzrovia

Not long ago, I thought vegan desserts were half-baked surrogates for what’s truly good in life. I made egg- and dairy-free cookies before, and was pleased with the result – but let’s face it, every time I think of cookies, it’s buttery dough and white chocolate chunks that spring to mind first. There was one … Continue reading

Notes London: a review of underwhelming coffee and glorious cake

Welcome to Dissonant Notes and Mixed Opinions: a serial in four parts, starring me and three branches of London’s independent coffee chain Notes. Episode 1 I order coffee at the Covent Garden cafe, and learn a whole new routine of grimaces. At the beginning, I’m thrilled I’m being served something I recognise as a macchiato: … Continue reading

Savoury food I loved in Lisbon

How do you feel about blog schedules? I bet many of you find them helpful, effective, even exciting; I, on the other hand, can’t get myself to stick to one. I always have three or four drafts in the backlog, and it’s never a case of “first in, first out”: it’s more like “first in, then … Continue reading

Restaurant review: Daylesford, Notting Hill

I walk up and down Westbourne Grove five days a week, on my way to and from work. In the morning, my pace is brisker than I’d like, to make up for one or two alarm snoozes too many; evening strolls, on the other hand, are one of the parts of the day I prefer. As I … Continue reading

Sunday Roast at The Crooked Well, Camberwell

I’ve only gone and eaten my first Sunday roast. It’s only taken me five and a half years. I know it might sound ridiculous. As in hello-oh, what’s wrong with you? You’re a meat-eater and you live in London, what took you so long? Consider this, though: until August 2015, I’d never had afternoon tea either. … Continue reading

Finding Redemption in Notting Hill

Redemption from what?, you may ask. Teetotalers, vegetarians, vegans, dieters, and the ever-annoying folks who divide foods into “naughty” and “nice” might come up with very similar answers. It’s wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol…or even all of them. If you don’t fit into any of the above categories, the reasons why Redemption is called this way … Continue reading

Restaurant review: Reun Thai, Hammersmith

This time last year, I thought I’d found my favourite Thai restaurant in London. The Walmer Castle wasn’t strictly a restaurant – rather, a pub with a Thai food menu and a dining room with an exotic look and feel – but the food was excellent and very reasonably priced; to top it all, it … Continue reading

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