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Pasta with spinach, bacon, and roasted cherry tomatoes

It’s funny how our taste in food changes as we move along in life. If I asked you to consider the past ten years, and name an ingredient you used to loathe and now love, I bet it would take you no time to find at least one answer. As a former fussy child, I … Continue reading

Lasagne, the food of love

My mum turned sixty-five on Monday. I’ll see her in Italy this Friday, and have been looking for a birthday present for weeks, with no luck whatsoever. It happens every year, without fail. Oh, and at Christmas, too. I can speak three languages fluently. I can make sushi from scratch. I can't, for the life of … Continue reading

It’s “ragù”, not “Bolognese sauce”

The words “Bolognese sauce” remind me of pre-seasoned tomato purée in glass jars, with labels that flaunt the name of the finished product, to lure those who wish making it took as little as popping a lid. Of lazy cooks who stir-fry beef for ten minutes, shower it in sauce, and think they nailed it. … Continue reading

Creamy lentil soup

Am I the only one who feels relieved that January’s drawing to a close? I’ve been through all the usual variations of the January blues – the impact with routine after a long holiday, the seemingly endless wait for payday – but nothing troubled me as much as the freezing cold. The media have been … Continue reading

Nonna’s awesome potato gnocchi

More often than not, the beginning of January makes me feel kind of unbalanced. I don’t cope well with the resolution-making frenzy that takes over at this time of the year – especially in this day and age, where those who shout about their plans on social media seem to be more of an inspiration … Continue reading

Househunting (and why you need pizza while you do it)

Househunting: one of the worst nightmares of every Londoner, including yours truly. Once again, and for the fourth time since moving to the UK, I’m on the hunt for a new home; the challenge is finding it before my landlord manages to sell the current one. Not the easiest of tasks, in a city where … Continue reading

Simple Mushroom Risotto

When I was a kid, risotto was one of the most time-consuming dishes I could think of. I have many memories of watching rice boil in the pan for what felt like hours, pestering my mother with an incessant stream of “mum, is it ready yet?”; the universal key to annoying a weary parent, triggering … Continue reading

Summer Recipe Roundup – The Heatwave Survival Edition

I know, I know – summer heatwaves have gone for good here in London. But summer isn’t officially over until next month, and I still hold a little hope that sunshine returns. The past few months have blessed me with many afternoons in the park, refreshing ice creams, and even a slight tan on my … Continue reading

Everything I know about homemade pizza (and feel confident enough to share)

Cooking the perfect homemade pizza is a long, trying journey. Years of sitting at the restaurant, and getting a piping hot, perfect pizza within ten minutes of ordering it may trick you into thinking that pizza making is an easy job, but the truth is a hard one to swallow. It takes extensive research, frustrating … Continue reading

Chorizo and potato quesadilla, Wahaca style

The first memory that springs to my mind as I write this post has nothing to do with London; it dates back to the six months I spent on a student exchange in France, long before moving to the UK. Back then, I had a Mexican friend, whom I remember as one of the quietest, … Continue reading

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