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On goodbyes and getting published

Here’s one of the perks of being a wallflower: no one notices when you sneak out of the party. No reference to the book or film of the same name; this is experience talking, as I’ve been the wallflower all too often, all my life. Saying that, I didn’t choose this opening to elicit sympathy, … Continue reading

To the commenter that (probably) voted Leave

I’m not shocked about Brexit. I wasn’t shocked in June, when the referendum results landed at our doorsteps like a steaming pile of shit. Over a month later, I still don’t feel any surprise. I grew up in Italy, where a lying, delusional buffoon by the name of Berlusconi has governed for twenty-odd years. I’ve … Continue reading

Jaded with blogging (but not giving up just yet)

My last post dates back to 13 September; that’s about one month and a half ago. I can’t remember the last time I went this long without an update, but I know for sure that, whenever that was, the nagging feeling I was letting myself and my readers down would surface at least once a … Continue reading

Ziferblat: where time counts and connection is more than 4G internet

Time is precious. We all know that, and yet, it’s incredibly easy to forget it when the daily grind takes over. I’m talking to you, the inveterate procrastinator, bum firmly on the sofa and tens of inactive browser tabs on your screen. You, who won’t stop looking at your work email even though you’re sitting … Continue reading

Househunting (and why you need pizza while you do it)

Househunting: one of the worst nightmares of every Londoner, including yours truly. Once again, and for the fourth time since moving to the UK, I’m on the hunt for a new home; the challenge is finding it before my landlord manages to sell the current one. Not the easiest of tasks, in a city where … Continue reading

On being home, growing up, and baking florentines for Christmas

Every time I fly to Italy for the Christmas break, I look forward to indulging in my favourite simple pleasures: spending time with family and friends I haven’t seen in ages, eating my weight in mum’s lasagne, taking restful naps with my cat, and unearthing old teenage mixtapes from the pile of CDs I left … Continue reading

Italy vs. Britain – A game of culinary and cultural differences

When I moved to London, my family bade me a fond, fearful farewell, certain that the rosy face they were used to would come back a starved skull. Like thousands of Italian relatives before them, and just as many after, they associated Britain with greasy pub food and unappetising boiled vegetable sides – and thought I’d signed myself up … Continue reading

Let’s play a game!

Almost two weeks have passed since my last post, and I feel really bad about it. I didn’t mean to leave it this long, especially at a time when not much life is happening, and I mostly spend my evenings recovering from long, eventful working days. I’ve been carrying my work laptop back home more … Continue reading

A Midsummer Night’s Blackberry Cake

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? If you had all the resources to fulfil one of your most cherished dreams; if the aspirations that the daily grind invariably crushes had a chance to come true? Most of the time, I think I’d cancel all my plans for the next couple … Continue reading

Gluten-free White Chocolate and Strawberry Tartlets

It’s strange to see everyone gear up for Mother’s Day in March. In Italy, Mother’s Day is not until May; if I gave my mum a present two months earlier, she’d no doubt give me a puzzled look, and dismiss my gift as a sign that I share my dad’s forgetfulness for recurrences of all … Continue reading

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